About Us

Salon Design is a brand that offers a fresh perspective to the hairdressing industry by blending aesthetics and functionality. As a company, we combine our extensive experience and passionate approach to produce meticulously crafted hairdressing furniture and equipment.

Since our establishment, we’ve been driven by a mission to provide exceptional service and maintain high-quality standards. Each of our products reflects our expertise in design and impeccable craftsmanship, as well as our artistic and aesthetic values. Through continuous research and development efforts aimed at understanding and surpassing the needs of hairdressing salons, we hold a pioneering position in the industry.

At Salon Design, our commitment goes beyond offering designs that align with hairdressers’ creative visions; we also pledge to provide them with the quality they need to enhance their work. With a wide range of products, from barber stations to salon chairs, washing units to waiting areas, we offer solutions to cater to all salon needs.

To showcase and share our unique design philosophy, quality, and customer-centric approach on a global scale, we’re expanding our export network centered in Europe. Through collaborations with hairdressing professionals and businesses worldwide, we’re steadily progressing toward becoming a leading brand in the industry.

Our distinction at Salon Design not only comes from our products but also from our approach of staying attuned to industry trends and developments. By merging technology and aesthetics, we support hairdressers in providing the best services to their clients. Through innovative and original products, we’re actively shaping the future of the hairdressing sector.

As the Salon Design family, we’re guided by a mission to always pursue excellence and creativity. We join hairdressers in their stories and visions, bolster their success, and inspire the industry by harmonizing aesthetics and functionality.

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